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Drudge Report

*Suspicious Observers (Daily Report)

Suspicious Observers site  

*Unexplained Mysteries

Common Sense Show 

*Full Spectrum Dominance 

*Public Intelligence

*TWC Environmental News 

Economic Collapse News Blog *Etheric News

*Realtime Earthquake Shake Movie

*Ice Age Now

*Japan Radiation Map 

*ENE News 

*Pandemic / Biosecurity / Bioterrorism News (Updated Daily)-CIDRAP

World News

*Drudge Report 

Youtube Joseph Farrell Nepharium News

Daily Caller

Breitbart News Network  

What Really Happened  

*Story Leak 

*Full Spectrum Dominance 

*Public Intelligence

Veterans Today  

Liberty Report

Weather News

NOAA National Weather Service 

Pacific Sat GOES West Fronts Sexton Summit Siskiyou Summit Weed Summit

Medford OR Text Forecast Mount Shasta

Oregon Trip Check Cams

Weather & Cams Oregon

Caltrans Cams NE District

WUnderground Sunny Valley Oregon

WUnderground Ashland Oregon

WUnderground Mt Shasta

WUnderground Radar Medford OR

Contrail Forecast 

Chemtrail Forecast 

Geoengineering Watch 

Solar Radiation Management Gov Initiative

Mapquest Directions

*Global Wind Weather Animation

*Satellite Image NW North America

*NOAA Environmental Visualizations

*Intellicast Weather Maps

Oceanic Conditions

Swellwatch 3D

Pacific Wave Model

Oregon Surf Check

Safaritown Surf Report

Solspot Reports

US Pacific Charts Maps

Surf Forecast Oregon

Economic News

Rogue News

What Really Happened World Economy 

Wall Street Daily   Video

Economic Trends Research 

Economic Collapse News Blog 

Peter Schiff 

Rogue Money

Foundation for Study of Cycles

Cycles Research Institute

American Banker

Dollar Collapse

Youtube Economic News This Week

Surviving the Final Bubble

Solari Report

Disaster & Power Grid News

*RSOE Emergency Disaster Map

US Disaster News

Daily Disaster Reports

FEMA, Emergency Management

Secure The Grid

One Second After

When Technology Fails

North American Electric Reliability Corp


Natural News

Dutchsinse Earthquake Forecasts


Earth Changes Media

*Ice Age Now

*Starburst Foundation

Etheric Science

Magnetic Reversals Evolution Leaps

*Realtime Earthquake Shake Movie

Earthquake Program, USGS

*USGS GSN Heliplots Earthquakes

*NOAA Sea Temperature Models

Fire Map, USDA Forest Service

*Inciweb Fire-Flooding

*CalFire Incidents

Tsunami Watch NOAA West Coast Pacific

Volcanism Program USGS

*USGS Volcano Hazards Program

Asteroid Apophis 

Asteroid Bennu  1  

Impact Earth Simulator


Food & Farming News

National Health Federation  

GMOs-Institute for Responsible Technology 

Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance 

GMO Free Regions Europe

Innis Free Farm

Food & Water Watch

GM Watch

Organic Growing Guide

USDA National Agriculture Statistics

Eat the Weeds

Smart Growth Agenda 21

Agenda 21 News

Farm Land Grab

North Western Research Institute

National Association Rural Land Owners

Northwest Liberty News

American Policy Center

Property Rights Alliance

Save Our Family and Home  Proxy


Water Resource News

*TWC Environmental News

American Rivers

Environment News Service


Solar-Earth-Astronomy News

*Suspicious Observers (Daily Report)  Site

Links for Suspicious Observers

*JPL Small Body Database Orbit Calculator

Solar Storms / EMP / CME / (Updated Daily)

Solar Storms / CME / Asteroids / Comets (Updated Daily)

*SWIFT-Sgra Galactic Center Cosmic Ray Monitor

Space Weather Cosmic Rays Predictions

NOAA Earth Geomagnetic Field Calculator

*USGS Earth Geomagnetic Field Conditions

*NASA SOHO Real time Monitoring

Monthly Sky Maps Viewer

Planet X Yow USA

Return of Planet X Dr Jaysen Rand

World Wide Telescope
Bob Fletcher Investigations

Blackstar Terral03


Nuclear Disaster News

*Japan Radiation Map

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

Fukushima Update - Daily News  Proxy

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster

Fukushima Facts

Radiation Network

*ENE News

Global Nuclear Coverup

Disease Control News

*Pandemic / Biosecurity / Bioterrorism News (Updated Daily)-CIDRAP

Pandemic Flu Center

World Health Organization


Health-Consciousness News

Critical Health News  

Cancer Truth 

Health Ranger 

National Center for Biotechnology Information 

Dr Wilson-Nutritional Balance 

Health Impact News

Institute of Noetic Sciences


Military News

US Northern Command

DHS, US Dept Homeland Security

Global Incidents Map & News  

GeoPolitical News

Terrorism News

Strategic Forecasting


Small Wars Journal

Narco News

Survival News

Survival Weekly News

Survival Blog

Survival Weekly

USA Prepares   Radio


Crime News

Crime, Murder, Missing Persons

FBI Uniform Crime Reports

FBI National Gang Intelligence

Battlefield America 

The Smoking Gun

America's Most Wanted

Internet Crime Complaint Center


Political News

GovTrack US-Congress Tracker  

United States Senate Legislation & Records 

Library of Congress

Bill of Rights Institute 

American Nationalist Union 


Link TV

Fact Check


Alternative News


Corp Watch

Source Watch 

Family Resources

Classic Stories for Kids

Art of Manliness


Sacred Texts

The Holy Bible (Multi-Version, Language)

The Septuagint Bible

Books of Enoch

The Kolbrin Bible

**Sacred Texts

Pistis Sophia

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ  1 2

A Course In Miracles

Self Realization Fellowship

Gnostic Books

The Divine Secret Garden

Paranormal & UFO News

Unexplained Mysteries 

Enterprise Mission R Hoagland   

Giza Death Star JP Farrell   *Radio

Keyhole Publishing R Dolan  *Radio

NICAP Aerial Phenomena Investigation

Dark Journalist 

Disclosure Project Dr Greer 

The Mutual UFO Network Reports


Stargate Chronicles 

Above Top Secret   

Echoes of Enoch 

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