Self-Reliance Science
Study of Self-Reliance

      This site is dedicated to providing the core knowledge for all citizens who are seeking out a path to greater understanding of the Power of Nature to provide for physical needs, as well as deeper insight into the Power of Consciousness within.   The material presented is a condensed and integrated product of knowledge over 30 years of real-world experience. 

      SRS Training Program
The objective of the SRS Program is to maintain a deep connection with the natural world on a daily basis, which provides a primal link to our ancient human ancestry.  This awareness is expressed in each aspect of the SRS Training Series.

     Survival:  Develop skills to survive in the outdoors under harsh conditions. Many skills can be utilized in tactical environments. 

     Ecology:  Knowledge regarding plants, trees, water quality, mammals, fish, food resources and climate cycles are seamlessly integrated into the Program. 

     Hazardous Waste Operations:  Vital material on how to avoid physical harm from chemical, biological and nuclear contaminants; and a wealth of other hazardous waste operations and emergency response procedures are included in the Program.

     Force Necessary:  Core skills developed from Force Necessary Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun Close Quarter Combat are integrated, where practical, into the Program. 

    Spiritual Awareness:  Ancient wisdom is incorportated as a daily philosophical practice.  The daily philosophical practice enables one to use self-assessment to correct and guide feelings, thoughts, and actions to maintain a pure stream of consciousness, as well as improve physical health and vitality.

       Survival, preparedness, ecology, hazardous waste operations, force necessary tactical defense, and spiritual awareness provides the interested citizen much knowledge and inspiration to harness the Power of Nature to provide.

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